​Harry is a master Chimney Sweep who is trusted by thousands of families in Frederick County and surrounding areas. He has owned and operated FCCS and has been expertly servicing chimneys and woodstoves for 30 years.

Our Services

/ Fireplace Chimney Cleaning

/ Woodstove and Chimney Cleaning

/ Woodstove Specialist (Vermont Castings, Jøtul, etc.)

/ Chimney Inspection and Reporting

/ Chimney Fire Survey

/ Professional Chimney Cap Sales

All chimneys should be checked at least once a year. Checking chimneys for obstruction, creosote build-up, deterioration and overall condition is the best way to insure your chimney will meet your winter venting needs.


Creosote builds up on the interior surfaces of your chimney during normal use, and is a by-product of woodburning. As a general rule of thumb, masonry chimneys serving open fireplaces or woodstoves should be cleaned after one to two cords of wood is burned, and pre-fab metal chimneys should be cleaned after each cord. The actual frequency of cleanings depends on the users burning habits, wood condition, chimney construction, and frequency of use. Even with these guide-lines chimneys vary greatly in design and performance, and every chimney should be checked annually.

Harry will do a complete written evaluation of the condition of your system, and determine if it needs to be cleaned. If so, Harry will drop-cloth off his work area, bring in his huge dustless vacuum to keep your house dust free during the cleaning, and will begin the thorough cleaning process. After the cleaning he will fill out a level-one inspection with a 21-point checklist and written evaluation report. Video inpections available as well.


Harry has a passion for chimney safety, and will make sure the job is done right. Afterwards he will tell you exactly what he found, and make any suggestions for better burning habits or other actions that will reduce your creosote problem. If he's there servicing your woodstove, he'll take the time to make sure you know how to operate it properly, and answer any questions you may have.

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Customer Testimonials

"Harry, at Frederick County Chimney Sweeps has been cleaning my chimney every year for nearly 20 years. He's the best! Great, reliable, service. Never a problem."  - Henry H., Frederick, MD - (5 Stars)

"I have worked with Harry at Frederick Co Chimney Sweeps for a long time. He is really honest, friendly and punctual. I would recommend to anyone."  - Lesa C., Burkittsville, MD - (5 Stars)

"Used Harry for over 30 years to clean our chimney each year. Reliable, prompt, good $$, tells it like it is, responds to phone calls, has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of fireplace topics."  - Hal R., Frederick, MD - (5 Stars)

"I have been using, Harry @ Frederick County Chimney Sweeps, for years to clean my Vermont Casting Encore stove.  I am very pleased with the cleanliness and quality of his work.  He is very knowledgeable on servicing my stove and has given me good suggestions in getting the best performance from my stove."  - Georgette Y., Monrovia, MD - (5 Stars)

"Harry had been recommended by several people to me and I will not go back to the other company as there was just no comparison in the level of expertise and professionalism"  - Stephanie Q., Mt Airy, MD - (5 Stars)

"I scheduled an inspection [with a different chimney sweep company] on my property which houses a total of 5 fireplaces in three homesteads. The first company that came out stated there were zero (0) liners in any of the chimneys and just to fix two of them would be $3500. To fix all, well you can imagine. We approached a neighbor who used Frederick Co Chimney Sweeps and they came highly recommended. To our surprise, when Harry came out he told us one chimney did have a liner, was cleaned and now in working order for a little over a hundred dollars."  - Deborah G. - (5 Stars)

"Great service by a knowlegeable technician. He came in and completely inspected and cleaned my Vermont Castings stove, which hadn't been looked at in ten years. Very professional job, highly recommended."  - Dan G. - (5 Stars)

"I'm a long-time client. Have chimney cleaned yearly cause we use it alot. These owners are friendly and they know what they're talking about. No high pressure and lots of fun to work with. I believe this is the most thorough chimney guy I've ever seen. He cares about his rep, and it shows."  - Anonymous - (5 Stars)

"Wow what service! If you need a chimney sweep in Frederick County, you must use Frederick Coundy Chimney Sweeps. From the friendly voice when you call to the super service when they arrive, you can't go wrong."  - Terry I. - (5 Stars)